A sit down and chat with my beautiful friend Pippa Bugg....


Pip do you want to start by introducing yourself a little bit?

I’m Pip - Amy’s friend (best friend, even if she wont say it) for about a decade; she followed me all the way from Essex to East London! I’m a Freelance Copywriter and Social Media Manager. I mainly work in fashion and the arts.

Can you tell us a little bit about your style? Your go to everyday looks?

It fluctuates between 12 year old boy and pensioner. My wardrobe staples are t-shirts, reworked Levis and Nike trainers.

Do you have any style icons?

12 year old boys and pensioners?

What does jewellery mean to you?

Something sentimental. I wear my grandma’s jewellery that was handed down after me when she passed away. Of course, it’s always paired with Aliza Fire, which is just as sentimental.

What is your most treasured piece of jewellery?

Probably my grandma’s ring. I remember trying it on while I was growing up, and how she always said it would be given to me one day.

What do you look for when buying jewellery?

Quality, uniqueness and a ‘story’ I like collections that are inspired by something other than trends.

Do you have a favourite piece of Aliza Fire Jewellery and can you tell us what it is and why?

My favourite piece from the latest collection is the Gold Molten Stone Ring. I know how hard Amy worked on this piece and it definitely paid off.

Last question, non jewellery related. If your house was burning down what three items would you save?

I would save my boyfriend (his cooking is too good to lose), my Prada shoes and my dog (if I had one).