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Collection 2 – these pieces have been crafted from melted brass, reacting in the heat to create unexpected, intriguing and beautiful details. The metal then intricately reworked into wearable pieces of jewellery – available to shop in sterling silver, gold-plate and solid gold.

Aliza Fire.

Founded by Amy Cottee, Aliza Fire is a contemporary jewellery brand designed and made to order in Amy's East London studio.

Trained at one of London's leading jewellery schools, Amy began her career four years ago, now working as a Jeweller at one of London's most renowned independent brands, The Great Frog.

Trained using traditional techniques in Hatton Garden, Amy's pieces are thoughtfully designed and created using the finest materials, metals and stones.

Modern. Refined. Minimal. Amy's work is designed to be worn everyday; a keepsake that lasts a lifetime, with a contemporary aesthetic that never fades.